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The development of sales
Our sales engineer and customer to discuss the various parameters of the motor, recommend appropriate material, design and improvement advice, around to provide customers with convenient, meet the needs of customers, establish long-term mutually beneficial relations of cooperation
Please provide pre-development carbon brush drawings (or physical), and motor parameters: generally include (1) motor USES (2) using voltage (3) using current (no-load and load) (4) speed (no-load and load) (5) hope life 6 noise and other requirements. (see materials selected for detailed questionnaire). In order to choose carbon brush material according to provide information.
Quotation: please provide the demand and target price to offer.
Sample: if the price is acceptable, can provide a certain amount of free sample for testing
Production: the sample test OK, the amount of prenatal testing OK report sent to our company, and the price of mass production drawings are final confirmation.
Accessories: material selected questionnaire.

Service advantages
Carbon brush ontology is to use the parent company Japan Fuji carbon materials, according to the carbon brush size mold, processing, use the same as the Japanese parent, so the carbon brush features stable.
Another Japanese Fuji carbon materials and other carbon brush competing firms is more complete variety, scope is wide, including motor vehicles motor, household appliances, electric tools motor, micro motor, other special pump motor with carbon brush can be made.

Service commitment
For creating famous brand, improve enterprise well-knownness, the setting up enterprise image, our company in line with "all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" spirit, to "the most preferential price, considerate service, the most reliable product quality"