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Manpower policy

Implement talent thriving enterprise strategy is the company's continuous healthy development of the strategic requirements, is the company's scientific and technological innovation to realize leaping development and intrinsic motivation. Company personnel work adhere to the "service development, talent first, to use for this, the echelon training" policy, to follow the law of market economy and industry growth pattern, according to the talent hierarchical classification, differentiation management thinking, grasp talent, such key links as using, yukon, leave, to serve the company as the fundamental starting point of scientific development, focusing on training creative talented person can be accountable, innovation of human resource development and management mode, optimize the structure of talent team, improve the quality of the talent team, activate talent team, in order to further enhance the company's core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, to better promote the scientific development provides the powerful organization guarantee and talent guarantee and intellectual support.
Make full use of human resources at home and abroad, attract, aggregation and achievements of all kinds of talents, establish and perfect the system of the new requirements of the open, competition and merit, talent selection, use, training, assessment and incentive mechanism, vigorously promote the talent market, professionalization and specialization and internationalization development, strive to build an appropriate scale, professional supporting, structure optimization, quality excellent talent team. Departments are introduced to Japanese and high-level talents to ensure that investors will be completely implemented, business and general affairs department introduction of English talents to adapt to the international demand. Courses in Japanese tutor to on-the-job worker, analyzing ability and position requirements gap year by year, targeted training and skills upgrading. Production scrap rate decrease, the staff of Japanese ability and professional skills, talent input efficiency improved significantly. Year-end establishment and improvement of the scientific evaluation system to ensure that employees can be quantified, the growth of top management, to ensure that the performance bonus the fairness and happiness of employees increases year by year.